About us

We are a relationship based company, which is one of our core values. 

This means that we build a long-term relashionship with our customers, which enable us to understand their businesses and goals on a deep level. In this way, we constantly support our customers to achieve their objectives in the most efficient way and to grow.

This is why more than half of our work comes from reapeat business from our long-term relationships.

With focus on fast and cost-effective development and execution of industrial projects, we combine complementary disciplines of engineering competence, financing expertise and shortest possible equipment delivery time.

Our professional services cover the full spectrum both in size and lifecycle – from the creation of new projects to services that sustain and enhance operation efficience.

PRIOS Engineering consultantsFrom small brownfield services contracts to greenfield projects, we have the skills and access to technologies to manage all challenges. Throughout our extensive experience we provide solutions targeting the lowest overall project lifecycle and cost while meeting each customer’s individual requirements.

Our teams of experts in various disciplines have the track records necessary to pursue and deliver large-scale and complex projects. As the demand for energy generally continues to grow, we are among the few global companies with the experience of combining interdisciplinary tasks from the creation of the project, identification of the suitable technology and equipment and development of individual financing structure to meet the demand of fast project executions.

In delivering engineering, procurement and construction management services, we possess the versatility and flexibility to serve as the sole supplier, member of joint ventures, subcontractor or contract services locally. In order to respond more effectively to our customers’ needs, we also promote and has established strategic alliances, partnerships, and consortiums with OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), EPC-companies and financing institutions.

In line with our approach to work closely with our customers, many of these activities are carried out by integrated project teams.