Nardi Datcu is the Founder and CEO of the Prios Group.
Nationality: German



Nardi Datcu was born on 16.08.1972 in Bucharest/Romania and moved to Germany in 1981.

After completion of Commercial Vocational Training (Wholesales and Export), obtaining Abitur (University Entrance Examination) and a Degree at the School of Business & Economics in Mainz/Germany, he gained experiences in business and project development, marketing and sales of industrial plants, with focus on the energy business (oil & gas and power generation).

His involvement in the sales of oil refineries, idle processing units and power generation plants since more than 20 years, created the unique Prios-know-how and an extensive, international business network. This enables him at Prios to develop customized and unconventional solutions for industrial projects everywhere in the world.