18,5 MW Gas Generators Power Plant

18 BPD – Power Plant – 2005

~ 18,5 MW- Wartsila Natural Gas Power Plant

  • Capacity: approx. 18,5 MW / 50Hz
  • Plants condition: used
Units / Description 1st Engine 2nd Engine
Capacity ~ 8,7 MW  ~ 9,7 MW
Manufactured / year  2005  2011
Working Hours 24.687  14.667
Gas consumption (SM³) 2.100 2.300
  • The Power Plant contains of (1 X ~8.7 MW + 1 X ~9.7 MW) Wartsila W20V34SG Natural Gas Engines.
  • ABB Generators, Napier Turbo Charger Units, RMG Gas Regulating and Measuring Stations and Gas Heating System,
  • First Engine has Aalborg Steam Boiler with a capacity of 4.500 kg/h Steam at 7 bar, 170°C and Water Treatment Unit with a capacity of 5,7 m³
  • First Engine has also Heat Exchanger with a capacity of 43 t/h Hot Water at 70°C included a Hot Water Treatment Unit with a capacity of 60 t/h
  • Both engines have cooling systems to lower the cost of chemical and water consumption.


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