Gas & Steam Turbines

Gas Turbines

A Gas Turbine is a type of internal combustion engine, having an upstream rotating compressor coupled to a downstream turbine and combustion chamber, by the use of air (instead of water used for Steam Turbines).

Single Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant

Single Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant

Fresh atmospheric air flows through a compressor increasing the pressure. By spraying and igniting fuel into the air, the combustion generates a high-temperature flow. This high-temperature high-pressure gas enters a turbine, where it expands down to the exhaust pressure, rotating the shaft which drives the compressor and the electric generator, which is coupled to the turbine shaft.  Typical efficiency of single cycle gas turbine power plants are approx 30%.

Steam Turbine Generators

A Steam Turbine extracts thermal energy from pressurized steam from the steam boiler and rotates mechanically the output shaft, which drives the electrical generator.

(Open Steam Turbine - Rotor)

(Open Steam Turbine – Rotor)

We offer a comprehensive wide range of pre-owned Steam Turbine Generators from 1 to more than 100 MW, usually consisting of steam turbine, generator, condenser, auxiliary equipment, control and electrical systems/equipment.

The pre-owned Steam Turbines being offered by SILEPO are usually coming from shut down industrial processing assets or utility companies.

Typical reason for shut downs of such Steam Turbines is the growing production capacities in the industry and accordingly, the demand for generated power. In such cases, smaller Steam Turbines are replaced by larger scaled Turbines or entire individual combined cycle power plants, consisting of a gas and a steam turbine in combination.