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    Taking the right steps from the start and building a competent project team is key to success.

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  • Shorter project life cycles

    Sale of oil refineries and power plants for relocation

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    Cost-estimates and sustainable solutions for shutdowns of oil refineries and power plants

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In a world that moves faster than ever, quick decissions and short project life cycles are essential.
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Major goal achieved in acquisition of a 60,000 bpd oil refinery
On March 8th 2019, PRIOS achieved the major goal in acquiring a high conversion type oil refinery for relocation to Cabinda, Angola, being one of the projects of Petrochemical Holding GmbH, a company based in Vienna, Austria.
Sales Mandate for a 800 MW coal fired power plant
The pre-owned power plant was commissioned and decommissioned in 2015, being in excellent "as new" condition. Fuel: hard coal, Steam Turbine Generator: 800 MW Western European Manufacturer. More info...
Sales Mandate for an Oil Refinery Company
PRIOS receives mandate to find and invite potential investors to invest into or acquire an European oil refinery company. Various engineering companies carried out feasibility studies to increase the processing performance and overall refinery efficiency.
Delivery and installation of a 6,000 bpd Oil Refinery Topping Plant
Mini Oil RefineryPRIOS and a group of investors duly signed an MOU for the exclusive cooperation, foreseeing PRIOS to deliver an oil refinery topping plant to West Africa. While the investors have their business background in import and storage of Petroleum products, PRIOS will also support its customer's project management team and provide engineering services.
Engineering for an Oil Refinery project
Used Oil refineryPRIOS provided engineering support and contributed to the project development of an oil refinery. The project passed the due diligence and pre-feasibility study phase, with a profitable economic result. PRIOS worked out a front-end project concept, including preliminary cost estimates. In the course of the work, PRIOS initiated and carried out discussions with contractors for EPC, contenting dismantling, refurbishment, replacement and re-engineering of the process units for the new location.
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15,000 bpd Oil Refineries Topping
The oil refinery topping plant in excellent condition, has been shut down after only a few months of operation. The oil refinery processed mainly heavy to medium crude oils in the range of API 23.7 - 34 with Sulphur contents of 2.0 - 3.9) Please contact us for further information.