22,000 bpd Oil Refinery High Conversion Type (incl. Hydrocracker)

22.000 BPD – Oil Refinery

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General information

The Refinery was built at 20,000 BPD by UOP/Chyoda in 1974 and mothballed in 1998.

It was at very good operational condition when it was shutdown. The plant was designed for Arab heavy crude and was later modified to handle Arab Light.

It was regularly and thoroughly maintained and refurbished.

The refinery is completely dismantled and packed in eighty containers plus break bulk of heavy large sized machinery.

Process units Barrels per day Tons per day
Crude Oil Distillation 22,000 3,200
High Vacuum Distillation 1 6,000 1,000
High Vacuum Distillation 2 5,000 833
Hydrocracker UOP-Isomax 6,320 1,053
LPG Treatment and separation 5,355 893
LSR Gasoline Merox 1,095 183
Naphtha Unifiner Unit 2,410 402
Platinum Reformer 5,660 943
Hydrogen Plant, Nm³/hr 652,551 std ft³/hr 18,478 Nm³/hr
Asphalt Oxidizer 500 83
Asphalt Oxidizer 3,600 600
Amine Regeneration Unit, Nm³/hr 2,960 593
Waste Water Stripper 857 143
Visbreaker (idle) 2,805 468

Associated Units:

Power Generators 10 MW Instrument air generation Cooling towers Steam boiler.


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