27,000 bpd Oil Refinery Hydroskimming Type Euro4

27.000 BPD – Oil Refinery

Oil refinery at a glance

General information

The refinery processed crude oil and produced finished products which supplied the energy requirements of the country, i.e. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) used as domestic fuel for cooking and heating, three grades of Gasoline, Aviation Turbine Fuel, Illuminating, Kerosene, Gasoil or Diesel, Light Fuel Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil and Bitumen. The supply of crude oil to the refinery was the responsibility of the marketing companies. Originally, the refinery was designed to process Kirkuk crude oil from Northern Iraq. In the absence of the design crude oil, the next best crude oil to meet the market demand is the Russian Export Blend (REB) and the Syrian crude oil which were the last main crude oils processed at the refinery. During the period 1972 to 2002 the refinery processed 20 different types of crude oils totalling over 20,605,000 metric tons. Of this quantity, over 8 million metric tons was Russian crude oil.

The refinery was shut down in 2004 and has been dismantled already.

Process Units Unit Number Capacity (bblsd)
Crude Oil Distillation U-100 27,000
High Vacuum Distillation U-500 2,000
Hydrotreating U-200 10,200
Platinum Reformer U-300 4,650
LPG Treating U-700 1,500
Bitumen Blowing U-600 1,000
Sour Water Stripper U-2100 600


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